“As part of the due diligence process the first thing the Resource Geology Team wants to see is the core”

Geologist, Discovery Lead

“Professional sample storage supports and demonstrates a professional approach to mineral exploration. It supports the value proposition for any project with the ability for additional validation testing as necessary.”

Project Manager, Geologist (Tier 1 Miner)

“It often pays to spend a little bit more time and resources on effective sample storage to maintain sample integrity.”

Resource Geology Lead, Perth, Australia

“Having access to well-maintained samples in a high quality core shed gave us confidence in the ability to retest intervals to validate the resource estimation. This in turn positively influenced our decision to green light the acquisition.”

Tier 1 Miner, Perth, Australia

“Timely and easy access to key data in a usable format is the most common delay when it comes to financing decisions”

Resource Project Financier, Perth, Australia