All services are provided under Resource Stacks strict Quality Assurance and Quality Control Program to ensure sample integrity is maintained throughout Resource Stack’s sample logistics and warehousing lifecycle.

Sample Storage

  • Sample receipt including, if requested, sample photo’s and sample weighing.
  • Sample warehousing of diamond core, bulk samples, and/or post-analysis pulp samples.
  • Short-term, long-term, or custom storage options.
  • Storage of exploration, resource definition, grade control, geotechnical, geochemical / environmental, and/or hydrogeological drilling samples.
  • Sample retrieval and dispatch.
  • Sample access and viewing.

Sample Data Management

  • Sample transit tracking.
  • Sample storage tracking.
  • Secure data storage.
  • Monthly stored sample summary reports.

Client Benefits

Obtaining samples from exploration and mining projects is a significant cost. Sample preservation and storage future proofs the material / investment at little cost compared to the cost of sample acquisition. At Resource Stack we believe appropriate storage of samples safeguards the value of a project and addresses any future QA/QC requirements. We understand that poor sample storage may mean second place compared to other equivalent projects.

We know that idea’s change and new idea’s need to be tested, perhaps key pathfinder elements need to be obtained, which requires re-testing of samples. Sample storage future proofs the project against conceptual model changes. Sample storage supports the transition from an exploration project to an operating mine where samples are available for immediate data acquisition and rapid project advancement.

We offer a range of services including:

  • Sample storage (Priority storage, short term (< 1 year); long term (1 – 5 years); library (> 5 years).
  • Sample Logistics
  • Sample management (weighing, rebagging, cataloguing, photography, pXRF)
  • Sample Storage
  • Sample Data Management
  • Laboratory Management

Key benefits for our clients include:

  • Enhance the value of any discovery by secure sample management for QA/QC and due diligence purposes.
  • Supports JORC Code requirements around sample security enabling future QA/QC.
  • Facilities for storage of discovery / display holes and viewing.
  • Third party independence
  • Supports faster transition to market for recent acquisitions
  • Facilitates the transition from exploration to mining
  • Preservation of metallurgical samples (future proofing materials for technology changes)
  • Preservation of environmental geochemistry samples
  • Samples available to validate (check samples) geological models