Leaders in sample storage for the mining and natural resources industry.

Resource Stack is a sample storage service provider for the mining and natural resources industry where warehousing of rock samples and other geological materials is required.

We know it’s essential for QA/QC related matters and/or technical due diligence assessments of project resources and reserves.

Storage of samples is an essential aspect in the development of project value and addresses key aspects of the JORC Code that require an explanation of the measures taken to ensure sample security.  Appropriate secure sample storage allows subsequent QA/QC assessments and future proofs the project against future technology / commodity developments / commodity price changes where further testing may be required or where due diligence assessments are needed. At Resource Stack we have seen where project acquisitions have been approved due to well-maintained sample storage processes.

“As part of the due diligence process the first thing the Geo Team wants to see is the core”

We know the value of your samples.  Significant effort is required to obtain samples and Resource Stack understands that industry leading storage solutions will provide immeasurable value to any project.  We provide easy access to these samples in the Resource Stack Viewing Room for logging; sampling and dispatch to laboratories; and for client confidential presentations.

Our business model is to add value to our clients’ projects through reliable and competent sample storage.

Our Beliefs

  • Integrity Creates Value
  • Solution Minded Services
  • Future Focused Mindset
  • Traceability Always
  • Enhancing Value Sustainably

Management Team Profiles

Steve Morgan – Director (BBus)

Steve has 15 + years experience throughout corporate Australia’s resources and technical markets. This has included overseeing delivery of services to a wide range of mining and exploration companies including iron ore, gold, nickel, mineral sands, and rare earths explorers and operators. With proven experience in leading both established and emerging businesses, Steve’s strengths lie in partnerships, operations, commercial management, corporate strategy, and governance.

Josh Pearce – Director Msc. MAICD RPGeo (Geochemistry)

Josh has worked extensively throughout Australia’s resources sector for 13+ years with a focus in the geosciences field. Having held senior positions with some of Australia’s most respected mining consultancies, Josh has enjoyed providing technical expertise and services throughout all stages of the project lifecycle. With a first-hand, deep understanding of the importance and value in correct sample management, Josh’s technical expertise and leadership adds significant value for our clients.

Paul Weber – Director Ph.D. MAusIMM CP (Env)

Paul is an internationally experienced geochemist and a Chartered Professional (environment) of the AusIMM. With 20+ years working throughout Australia and New Zealand as a geologist and geochemist he has a deep knowledge of geosciences, which helps guide our range of expert services. Paul is passionate about technological advances in the resources sector and offering bespoke services that maximises asset value for our clients now and in the future.